iPhone Crash Bug Affects Twitter and Snapchat

iPhone Crash Bug Affects Twitter and Snapchat

An unfixed bug has been found in iOS that causes the device to crash and restart, all from a simple text line. The glitch, which is caused by certain Chinese or Arabic characters which can be sent via text to another device, either through texting, Twitter or Snapchat. Once the recipient opens the offending message, the iPhone, iPad, Mac or any device running iOS will crash and restart, with no way of fixing it. Every time the user would go into the affected application, the device will once again crash and restart, with no easy way of rectifying the problem. As iPhone crash bug affects Twitter and Snapchat, users are being warned about the malicious code.

Apple have since released a fix for the problem with text messages, by using Siri to reply to the message and then being able to delete it. But as for Twitter and Snapchat, there have been no fixes as of yet, the only way to prevent these kind of messages from being received is by turning notifications off. Developers will be releasing a software update that will patch the bug but until then, people have been warned about receiving text messages with the glitch-causing characters.

Apple have had to deal with a series of glitches with their software iOS in the past year, but these problems haven’t just been consigned to Apple, as Samsung have had serious issues with Android software and their Galaxy flagship smartphone.



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