Master Key Hack May Unlock Hotel Rooms

Master Key Hack May Unlock Hotel Rooms

Reliance on digital technology is growing. We are using this for physical access controls as well. Hackers are always ready to exploit such vulnerabilities. They find out different ways and means to reach personal data of internet users. Therefore, we are always scared to fall prey to such instances of data thefts and hacking. It is for these reasons that one needs to learn how to set up a VPN and improve their internet safety. IoT hacking instances are also increasing. Learn how to set up a VPN, and ensure IoT security.

What Is A Master Key Hack?

It is pretty scary to know that hackers can even control the smart locks of your houses. I.e., they can virtually control your home security. What if you are away and someone is capable of unlocking your house or a hotel room? Yes! You read it right. Hotels around the world are using an electronic lock system. In such a scenario, the hacker can get access to any room within the hotel.

According to F-Secure researchers, it is possible to build a master key for this locking system. The hacker only needs to get hold of the electronic key by reading the data remotely. And with the help of a portable programmer, the hacker can easily overwrite and create a master key. Know how to set up a VPN, and enhance the security of IoT devices.

Iot Security With A VPN

Internet of Things (IoT) is about all kinds of objects that are connected to a network. Smart locks, smart TV, contactless mobile wallet, etc. are classic examples of IoT devices. The IoT device market is witnessing exponential growth. Simultaneously, the online security threats are growing. Using a VPN on the router will enhance the security of IoT devices. Want to know how to set up a VPN and its benefits?

How To Set Up A VPN?

It is very easy to understand how to use VPN. Le VPN, the best VPN provider, is easy to use and affordable. Firstly, subscribe to Le VPN. Secondly, download its VPN software. Finally, connect to the internet through the virtual private network. You can update the IP address to the one of your service provider. Le VPN on a VPN router can secure all the internet-enabled devices within your house.

When you connect internet through a VPN, you are assured of better privacy and security. Therefore, your online identity is completely hidden, and you can browse anonymously.

Opt For Le VPN

However, you need to select the best service provider. Le VPN is the most trusted and reliable VPN service provider. With the very high level of data encryption, Le VPN ensures online privacy. This way, you are completely safe in the online world. Additionally, Le VPN enhances your online privacy, and you also get a high-speed VPN. Similarly, you can mask your IP address and stay anonymous. You can rely completely on our trusted DNS servers. This is also one of the easiest ways to overcome geo-restriction.

Hackers can create nuisance anywhere and everywhere. Learn how to set up a VPN for better security. Subscribe to Le VPN today, and secure your IoT devices from cyber-attacks.



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