Catch Up on TV and Unblock Restricted Content with Le VPN

Catch Up on TV and Unblock Restricted Content with Le VPN

With so much about staying safe online and security in the news lately, VPNs can also be used to catch up on TV and unblock restricted content with Le VPN. If you are currently away from home, whether on holiday, work or even just travelling, then you might find it difficult to catch up on TV shows or sports events where you are. This is down to licensing issues stemming from the companies who own the rights.

Websites such as BBC and HBO provide an online service which users can access from anywhere, on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or even your TV in your lounge. So even if you’re on the way to work and have to take a long commute on the bus, you can easily catch up on your favourite TV shows on the go. But the moment you leave the country you will no longer be able to.

This can prove frustrating if you are already a paying customer, as is the case with HBO. The BBC is funded by tax payers so its only natural that overseas viewers cannot access them. But if you are, and just out of the country visiting, then there are ways to circumvent the blocks. By signing up to Le VPN you can easily bypass such restrictions as you change your ‘virtual location’, your IP address, to anywhere in the world. So if you are currently staying in Vancouver but want to catch up on BBC iPlayer, then by switching your IP address to a UK one unblocks it.

Le VPN can also be used to bypass online censorship, where certain countries or even wireless networks restrict access. If you are in a country that prevents access to social media or certain websites then it can be a pain if you need to use them. By using Le VPN, you can easily navigate past this restriction and access the content as if you were back home.

Sign up to Le VPN today and never miss another TV show again, or those sports highlights, no matter where you are in the world. Le VPN can also be used on any device you use to connect to the internet with, whether it is your laptop or your smartphone.



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