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Latest statistics on social media in China market

Facebook : latest statistics on social media in China, Facebook behind Google+ in China market. An independent research group GlobalWebIndex have recently published a report on the social media usage in China. They have conducted an online survey in Mandarin language used by Mainland China, and asked the following question: “On which of the following services have

Estonia on the top for freedom of online expression

Estonia allows its citizens the greatest measure of freedom of online expression, according to the Freedom House, a Washington-based advocacy group. They have recently published a “Freedom on the Net 2012″report that puts this tiny Baltic country on the top of the list of countries with free internet. Freedom House’s rankings are based on factors

Means to counteract Internet censorship

Censorship circumvention techniques are able to challenge and counteract Internet censorship of dissident content. It came at a time when censoring online content critical of governments had reached high levels, particularly in regions witnessing unprecedented growth rates in Internet use such as China, Iran and Arab countries. But there are lots of ways to counteract

Spotify from abroad even when you travel!

Do you know that when you travel and the IP of your computer connection changes to the one of the new country, you can no longer use Spotify? When you open the Spotify application abroad, you get the following message: “Your country does not match the one set in your profile. To continue use, update

Internet censorship: brief country overview

A report (country overview) on the internet censorship prepared by University of Pretoria in South Africa has fallen into our hands, and we would like to share with you some of the interesting findings on internet censorship per country. Already, a report by Warf (2011) classified countries’ censorship as: Worst Internet censors: China, Burma/Myanmar, Vietnam

How to unblock Facebook

Some countries have strict information censorship policies, including internet browsing. That most of the times results in restricted access to a part of the internet content, including social media websites like Facebook, some news website, web applications and more. How to unblock Facebook in a content-censored country?   A VPN (virtual private network) solution like