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VPN Invisibility is becoming a Must

To browse through the Internet from a ‘virtual private network’ or VPN for short, is like wearing a cloak of invisibility. There are a number of top-notch Internet browsing applications, especially constructed to make the surfer as safe as possible when using the Web. When employees access the Internet in their organisational roles, they are

LE VPN Launches Their Services In Russia!

Le VPN, a provider of anonymous, unrestricted and secure access to the Internet, announced that it would be launching its products on the market in Russia on November 15th.This has been in response to a new Internet censorship law which was recently passed in Russia, which can prevent Internet access to web sites which the

The Benefits of Using a VPN Service

Do you know the benefits of using a VPN service ? First up, when you use a VPN service your internet address becomes anonymous; your IP cannot be traced. When you connect using a connection that is not secured you will get a strong VPN encryption that will prevent your internet company knowing which sites

Le VPN is now compatible with Windows 8

Le VPN is proud to announce that its service is now compatible with Windows 8, as well as with the other operating systems as before: Windows 7, Vista and XP, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Ubuntu and Linux. If you have Windows 8 and need instructions on how to install VPN for Windows