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A ruthless cybercrime market

The closed environment of hacking market has become very competitive, prompting hackers to evolve. For their business to survive, cybercriminals must bring a marketing dimension in their activities. The competition begins with the creation of malware. Hackers even call for designers to create a logo and the most attractive user interface. They also have to

Popular hacked websites make users vulnerable

You might think that visiting only well-known websites ensure you to stay safe online and not be hacked? Well think about it again after reading this recent study of the AVG security company whose researchers have identified malware on most visited sites. The AVG Insight report reveals how a popular page of MSN Italy was

Key benefits of a VPN

The benefits of a VPN are numerous. Here are the 3 main ones that VPN providers offer: – Security The main function of a VPN is to secure your Internet connection. It creates a secure tunnel which is encrypted between your computer and Le VPN. Then any surfing occurs behind Le VPN tunnel. So, what

What Internet knows about you

You cannot imagine how our digital lives can be scanned: all what is published on the Internet and in particular on social networks (photos, videos, comments, etc..) is recorded, absorbed by search engines, stored then spring when a user makes query. When you know HR managers often check online profile of potential candidates, it’s probably

Europe, Google, Apple & Cie

In today’s world where every passenger or cargo on the move, every change in the temperature or ground movement can be found translated into computer language, the way one can use data becomes an asset both in political and economic terms. In the field of Big Data, Europe has not realized how much it stands

New forms of cyber-attacks

The Symantec anti-virus software company recently confirmed that, cyber-attacks worldwide have increased by 42% in 2012. This increase is due to both techniques used by criminals getting much diversified and by hackers taking advantage of both individuals and businesses users carelessness. Thus, attacks on small businesses have been multiplied by three in 2012. With the

The Great Firewall of China

Did you know that the Great Firewall of China exists? As the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Shanghai is taking place from April 12th to 14th, Reporters Without Borders urges the Chinese authorities to accept freedom of expression and stop censorship. China is actually ranked 173rd out of 179 countries in the world ranking of

Cybercrime increases by 10% each year

While cybercrime continues to rise (increases), reaching five billion euros a year, governments and public authorities mobilize themselves on an international level: In the United States, earlier this year, Barack Obama announced the signing of a decree to strengthen the security of critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks in the fields of electricity, finance and aviation. Almost

A growing mobile cybercrime

According to a study conducted in France by Norton, mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in our lives, but users are not so careful with their mobile devices. 33% of French users have reported not being able to be away from their phone, especially their smartphone, which allows them to retrieve information but