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China monitoring Skype conversations

Skype is one of the most popular services for chat and phone conversations over the Internet, appealing to 250 million monthly connected users: it is a great way to keep contacts with friends and family but also business contacts based far or even abroad. But in China, people’s phone and chat conversations in Skype can

Cybercrime keeps on rising in UAE

The UAE, ranked as one of the most highly spammed countries worldwide for the last 2 years will continue to be a target for cybercrime attacks for businesses and individuals in 2013, according to Symantec security company. The UAE experienced a spam rate of 73 % in 2011, and over the past six months, it

Is Internet freedom at risk?

After the Prism revelations, personal data security has become a global issue. How to regulate the Internet freedom against the Internet giants and the governments is now a global concern. Will 2014 mean the end of Internet freedom? Today, personal data are accessible to everyone, through our posts on Facebook, our online shopping on Amazon

Happy New Year 2013!

Le VPN team wishes you an Amazing Year 2013 full of happiness, prosperity, success, good health and lots of joy! As our team is spread around the world, we will start celebrating the New Year first in Hong Kong with our HQ team, then in Moscow, Paris and London! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!    

State of Arizona against free Internet

The state of Arizona may join the company of such states like China and Syria with high censorship level, if the state governor decides to sign the law, which has been recently passed by the state Senate. According to Arizona officials, the main goal of the law 2549 is to fight bullying and harassment. It

New website to fight Internet censorship

A non-profit organization Reporters Without Borders has found a new way to fight Internet censorship. A new website allows journalists to publish their critical materials that may be banned in their countries by their government. The web platform WeFightCensorship.com gives an opportunity to any journalist to anonymously publish an article without any risk of future

Stay anonymous on the Internet

Every day, millions of people connect to Facebook and Twitter, do shopping online or comment on articles on news websites and want to stay anonymous. These activities became quite common but leave traces and the user does not always measure the consequences of this: some personal information, such as the age, address and shopping habits are