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How to unblock Facebook

Some countries have strict information censorship policies, including internet browsing. That most of the times results in restricted access to a part of the internet content, including social media websites like Facebook, some news website, web applications and more. How to unblock Facebook in a content-censored country?   A VPN (virtual private network) solution like

Le VPN recent speed tests!

We have recently ran speed tests on our servers in different countries to analyze the download and upload speed for different regions. The speed test was ran using speedtest.net and Freebox (ISP Free). All the results are as below: European segment (Le VPN server in France) Results without Le VPN connection: Results with Le VPN:

Some get creative and robbed ATMs with a fork!

While your online security is protected by Le VPN, some get creative and robbed ATMs with a fork! There’s been many stories in the past years about the fraud happening online, and many internet users have learned to protect their identity and data transfer when using the web. While the internet security measures get more

Advice for working by the pool

Summer vacation time is here! We hope that you are also among the lucky ones enjoying themselves on the beach somewhere in the world! However, if you are among the unfortunate ones who had to bring their work with them – working on the beach is still much nicer than in the office! Some simple