Why It’s a Really Good Idea to Use a VPN

Why It’s a Really Good Idea to Use a VPN

With so much news lately involving online fraud, identity theft, data breaches and hacking, there has never been a better time to improve your security online. With so much of our data floating around the internet, you can never really be sure on how safe it is, but there are numerous ways you can protect yourself as best as possible. With the rise of online fraud and identity theft, this is why it’s really a good idea to use a VPN.

Identity theft is one of the most fastest growing crimes, mainly due to the nature of how attacks are undertaken and how difficult it is to prevent, let alone fix. Compared to credit card fraud, or bank fraud, where the criminal uses your own personal details in order to steal money or use your bank/cards to pay for things, ID fraud is harder to detect. At least with credit card fraud you can see the damage done and hope to retrieve the costs. With identity fraud, it is not even obvious when it happens. As you will not see money coming out of your account or even bills to your address, you won’t even know its happening. This is because it is your personal details that the criminals steal and use, in your name.

It won’t be until debt collectors turn up at your house, or when you next try to take credit out and you will be denied that you’ll know something has happened. Your personal credit will be affected, as criminals will take out loans, credit cards, mobile phone contracts or even mortgages in your name. Unfortunately this isn’t the simplest problem to sort out. So steps should be taken to protect yourself as best as possible.

Le VPN allows you to stay safe and secure, whenever you are online, no matter what device, or where you are. So even if you are just chilling at home on your iPad, make sure you connect to the internet through a Le VPN server and you will be connecting to the internet through a secure and encrypted connection. Le VPN also offers advanced security which includes the ability to mask your IP address, allowing complete anonymity, even if you are waiting in an airport in Tokyo using your laptop.

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