Universal Find Pirated Copy on its Own Servers

Universal Find Pirated Copy on its Own Servers

As with any major movie release, studios worldwide try everything they can to keep the film under wraps before a copy appears online for all to see, for free. This of course impacts the film’s release greatly, and potentially turns people away from going to the cinema and watching a pirated version online instead. So when Jurassic World was gearing up to break box office records and propel Universal Pictures into the history book themselves, great care was taken in order for piracy to be avoided as much as possible. But unfortunately, the pirates usually win, as Universal find pirated copy on its own servers.

Universal Studios France have been found seeding an illegal copy of Jurassic World from their very own servers. With such a high-profile film like Jurassic World, the higher the demand for a pirated version will be, with many leaks come from the many test screener DVDs that are sent out to various media outlets, including journalists and magazines. With so many copies being sent out, its virally impossible to keep track on them all, so many films end up being leaked online in the perfect quality that test screeners are. Aside from that, the majority of leaked films that appear online are usually bad quality from someone in a movie theatre recording the film on a camera. With this leak however, the copy is a perfectly good version and it was being seeded from within the company offices in France.

Since it was revealed, Universal have requested a take down notice to Google in order to have all links removed that take users to the page with the infringed copyright material available to download. Even though this leaked version of the film has spread across the internet, it still didn’t stop Jurassic World from the all-time opening weekend box office where it made $208.8million, beating the previous record holder The Avengers, to various records across the world. It is not known who leaked the film online, but it pales in comparison to the hack that Sony Pictures suffered last year, which saw several films leaked online, as well as hundreds of personal documents and data from employees, not to mention private emails between various heads of offices too.

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