Russian Hackers Accessed Obama’s Emails

Russian Hackers Accessed Obama’s Emails

New York Times have revealed that President Obama’s personal emails were read by hackers last year. The White House confirmed that Russian hackers accessed Obama’s emails but no classified emails were obtained. The Times went on to say that Obama’s personal Blackberry email account was not breached but also went on to say that the attack was more worrisome and intrusive than previously feared.

It has been revealed that the hackers are presumably connected to the Russian government but it cannot be confirmed. The attack happened back in 2014 when the hackers were able to breach parts of the White House computer systems, including the State Department. This is the second attack in the USA from overseas hackers after Sony Pictures were a victim of a cyber attack from hackers which Obama publicly accused North Korea of perpetrating the attack. It is not known whether the hackers do in fact work for the Russian government, but if that is the case, there could be troubling repercussions rather than an isolated attack with no real agenda.

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