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Disabling the Internet connection on Le VPN disconnection

We strive to provide our clients with the best VPN connections, but sometimes it doesn't depend just on us. For example, your wi-fi connection can become inaccessible, which will lead to the inaccessibility of a VPN.


In the case of an OpenVPN protocol, our Mac OS X and Windows software will freeze all of the traffic and will try to reconnect until the connection becomes accessible. This prevents any traffic from leaking while reconnecting.


You can also add an additional layer of protection to our software. With the instructions below, you can disable any networking activity after Le VPN is disconnected.


Mac OS X - disable traffic routing


The following solutions will disable the routing after Le VPN disconnects. To re-enable the routing you will need to restart the network interface.


1) From the Le VPN menu select "Preferences"

2) Select the connection from the "Connections" list and click the "Edit" button.

3) Click on the "Networking" tab. In the "Routing" area, click on the small "+" button to add a new route.

4) Enter "" into the "Destination" field and "" into the "Mask/Bits" field.

5) Select "VPN Gateway" from the "Gateway" menu.

6) Click the "Add" button to add the route.

7) Click on the "Advanced" tab. On a new line in the advanced commands area enter "remap-usr1 SIGTERM" (without quotes).

8) Click the “Save” button.


Windows - disable network interface


1) Make sure you launch Le VPN as an administrator. Right-click on the Le VPN icon and select "Properties" -> "Compatibility" and enable "Run this program as an administrator" option.



2) Download "disconnect.bat" from this link and move it to a safe place where it won't be deleted.

3) You will need to find your network adapter's name. To do so, click on "Start," type "CMD" in the search field and execute "cmd.exe." In a newly opened terminal window type:

“netsh interface show interface” (without quotes).

Press “Enter” and terminal will give you a list of available interfaces. Usually it is "Local area network connection" or "Local area wireless network." If your main network adapter's name is in the list below, you can skip the next step:

Local area network connection

Local area wireless network

Connexion réseau sans fils

Connexion au réseau local

4) If your main network adapter is not in the list above, you will need to modify the disconnect.bat file. To do so, right click on "disconnect.bat" and select "Open with Notepad." Then change "Local area network connection" to your network’s name.

5) To test that the script works correctly, right click on it and select "Run as administrator." After that, it should disable the corresponding interface.

6) Now open Le VPN software and select properties. Find the VPN connection to which you want to add this script and select "Duplicate connection" to the left from the "Edit" button.

7) Select the newly duplicated connection and click "Edit." Click on "Advanced" tab and in the "Disconnected Script" field, click on "Browse" and select the "Disconnect.bat" file. Then click on "Save."

Now that is done and the Disonnect.bat script will trigger every time your connection disconnects.

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