Le VPN WireGuard installation on macOS

WireGuard installation & set up

1) Download WireGuard from the AppStore.

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

2) Once installed, the following window will appear:

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

2) Visit Le VPN client area HERE. In case of multiple subscriptions please choose the one you wish to use.

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

3) On the right side of the page, you will see the WireGuard details:

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

A. First, select one of your 5 available identities. Please keep in mind that one WireGuard identity can have only one active connection to any server. For simultaneous connections to the same server please use different identities.

B. Select the country you want to connect to.

C. QR Code is only used for WireGuard installation on mobile devices (you do not need it for macOS).

D. Click on the "Copy config to clipboard" button, and then paste it in the "Add Empty Tunnel" option of the WireGuard app.

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

4) "On-Demand" - activate it if you want WireGuard to connect automatically when you are on a WiFi or a wired connection.

5) Allow WireGuard to create the new Le VPN connection.

Le VPN Wireguard macOS


1) To connect or disconnect WireGuard, click on the WireGuard icon in the top menu.

Le VPN Wireguard macOS

If you need any further assistance, please contact us via Live Chat or submit a ticket to our support team.

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