Le VPN installation on Raspberry PI (OpenVPN)

1) Download the Le VPN OpenVPN configuration files from here:


2) From your Raspberry Pi, create a folder called “VPN” in your personal root folder, by default, this folder is “Pi”

3) Copy/paste the OpenVPN configuration files you will need, in the “VPN” folder you just created.

4) It could be useful to rename these files for something shorter, for example, Le-VPN-London-53.ovpn in London.ovpn

5) Open a Terminal window and enter: sudo apt-get update

6) Once the Raspberry updated, enter: sudo apt install openvpn

7) To prevent the open vpn service to be start at each start up enter:

sudo update-rc.d -f openvpn remove



Open a Terminal window and enter:

cd VPN (to work from the correct folder)

Sudo openvpn --config London.ovpn (in the case you renamed the configuration file in London.ovpn)

-Enter your credentials


Open a Terminal window and enter:

sudo killall openvpn


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