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About Encryption, Data Privacy and Security

Encryption and data privacy plus security are core topics of today’s internet technologies. We have found out a very interesting article in the New York Times that gives a deep and great picture of the challenges of today’s high technology world, through an interview of US Senator Ron Wyden, a member of the Senate Select

Mobile payments: towards the end of IBAN?

Mobile payment is boiling in Europe. What if paying became as simple as a phone call? Are we going to see the end of IBAN on the old continent? Europe is considering allowing the payment of a relative or an individual, a trader, wherever he is based in Europe, to be made from his smartphone,

Data Privacy Day: Stay safe online!

Do you know about Data Privacy Day? Data Privacy Day was started in the United States and Canada in January 2008 and is run by Stay Safe Online as an extension of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe. This an international effort which takes place annually on January 28th to create awareness about the

China targets mobile applications

China has requested that all application downloading platforms will need to be registered by the authorities, so as to limit the spread of viruses, but which is also part of an intensification of Chinese censorship on the web. The platforms dedicated to Chinese users do not “scrupulously” check the content and the code of the mobile

EU targets more privacy-friendly cookies

Will cookies still exist on websites and social media? European Union is back on track against the use of cookies with a directive draft investigating on how cookies should operate. The European Commission could thus destabilize the online advertising sector, enabling opt-in approach to be mandatory for third-party cookies. The European Union wants to protect better

Cybersecurity: what is ahead of us?

Cybercrime still has good perspective ahead! Cybercriminals should not remain inactive in 2017, according to cybersecurity experts who have also analysed what has happened this past year. One year after another seems quite the same, as long as cybercrime is concerned. Year 2016 has been quite heavy for cybersecurity experts and will remain the same

How to watch France 2017 Handball Worldchampionships

Handball World Championships will take place in France from January 11th to 29th in 8 different cities: Paris, Nantes, Rouen, Metz, Lille, Albertville, Montpellier and Brest. 84 matches are announced for this major sporting event that is highly anticipated. These 25th Handball World Championships will host 24 different nations, and of course the French team,

How to avoid botnet attacks?

You have probably heard about botnet, but what is it exactly, why is it harmful and how can you protect your devices against such attacks? What is a botnet? What is a botnet? It is a group of devices connected to the Internet that has been infected by a malware dedicated to the creation of

4 TV series you should absolutely watch

During this festive season, if you have a bit of time off or just want to relax, just relay on our selection of TV series. Whether you like humor, action or science fiction, here are some TV series not to miss in 2016. Westworld It’s a science fiction series about robots and men. Produced and