Gamers are a key target for cybercriminals

Gamers are a key target for cybercriminals

targets for cybercriminals

Gamers start becoming targets for cybercriminals, they steal their data from their game accounts and those of their virtual objects whose value may reach thousands of dollars for some of them.

Kaspersky has announced global growth identified cyber-attacks targeting gamers. Between January and June 2013, are well over two million attacks against players around the world that have been identified, this represents nearly 11,500 attacks per day, while the number reached 7,000 in 2012.

Kaspersky Lab has identified 10 European countries which are the most affected ones by attack attempts in the first half of 2013: Spain comes first with 94,700 annual attacks, followed by Poland (85,000), then by Italy (52 200). France is in fourth position with 29,300 targeted attacks. Then comes Germany (18 300 attacks), Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Portugal and Serbia.

Gamers are indeed lucrative targets for cybercriminals. “The growing use of real money to buy virtual objects can boost their yields,” says Nicolas Burn, Senior Malware Researcher at Kaspersky Lab. “Phishing is also very present and is suitable for video game codes.”

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