Data Manipulation Will Be Newest Cyber Threat

Data Manipulation Will Be Newest Cyber Threat

The heads of Intelligence in the USA have recently announced to Congress the latest threats and concerns in the world of security. Data manipulation will be newest cyber threat, according to the FBI, CIA, the NSA and the Defence Intelligence Agency in a meeting with Congress. With the threat of online data theft on the rise, with many high-profile cases continue to break around the world, security experts are warning of the next level of cyber crime.

After data breaches, and theft of personal data, the next level of cyber crime will be that of data manipulation or deletion. Long have security experts been warning the world of a ‘cyber armageddon’, or a cyber attack so huge that it would compromise not just digital data, but even physical infrastructure. Similar to the ‘Stuxnet’ worm, allegedly created by the US and Israel as a means of cyber attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, this kind of cyber attack has been forecasted for some time. Security experts now believe however, that the next level will be changing or moving private data which would compromise the integrity of systems worldwide. The implications of this kind of attack are far reaching, with untold consequences.

The talks in the USA happened after a series of major data breaches, from the Sony Pictures hack last year, to the hack into personal data of the US government. It is still not known who has been responsible for these hacks, which make any future attacks even more dangerous, as it might not necessarily be known who is behind them, or their motive. With the on-going battle between those who are pushing for a more aggressive approach to anti-cyber attack methods, and those who wish to protect the privacy and integrity of computer systems worldwide, there is no clear cut method of prevention. Along with intelligence agencies in the UK pushing for back door entry into encrypted systems, the FBI and CIA are also calling for more access into secure systems in the name of national security.

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