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SmartDNS: Samsung Smart TV Setup

Please ensure that you've registered your IP for use with SmartDNS and noted your DNS servers' IPs.

1. Go to “Settings” -> “Network” -> “Network Settings”.
2. Click “Start” to test your network. Once the network test is complete, click on “IP Settings”.
3. Change “DNS Mode” to “Manual”.
4. Enter SmartDNS server IP (found in your Client Area) and click “OK”.
5. Return to your regular TV screen and press the Main Menu button.
6. Scroll down to "System", and enter the sub menu.
7. Setup will be selected by default: click to begin the setup.
8. Scroll through the on-screen setup until you come to the "Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy" page. Here press the following buttons on your TV controller in the following sequential order: Mute - Return - Volume Up - Channel Up – Mute.
9. A country list will appear. Select your country(US, UK or France) from the list and then click to continue. It’s done!

Alternative method to setup your default country on older versions of Samsung TV.
1. Hold down the STOP button for 8 seconds to perform a hardware reset.
2. Wait 30 seconds and turn it back on.
3. Manually set DNS on your TV and finish the setup.
4. Then do the >> 2 8 9 << code to choose country.
5. Click “OK” on the "Smart Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy" page. Update apps.


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