Setup SmartDNS on Amazon Fire Stick


-          Follow these steps for add your IP to our SmartDNS system :

-          Then in the Amazon Fire Stick, go to Settings, and choose Network.

-          Select your Wi-Fi network and forget it by clicking the button with the 3 lines on it.

-          Press the Wi-Fi selection button and choose your Wi-Fi network.

-          Enter your Wi-Fi password.

-          Click the “Advanced” button.

-          For IP address you have to enter one matching your local IP range, i.e. if your local IP range is 192.168.1.X, the IP is OK or another one with the 3 first groups of number matching your local IP range.

o   If you don’t know your range, you can find it on this website by connecting any device to the same Wi-Fi network as the one used by Firestick:

o   The first 3 groups of numbers are ok, you just have to change the last number (from 2 to 254).

-          In the gateway part, enter the full local IP of your router, if your IP range was 192.168.1.X, this IP may be or, if you are not sure of the IP address of your router:

o   Press win+r (on a windows PC).

o   Enter CMD and press enter.

o   Write “ipconfig” without the quotation marks.

o   The IP of your router is the address in front of gateway.

-          Now in the Network prefix length, enter “24” without the quotation marks.

-          And in the final rows, just enter the first and then the second SmartDNS addresses done by the first step procedure.

-          Come back to settings and in “Time Zone” select a time zone matching the country you want to stream from. For example, for an UK channel select the London time zone.

-          In your Amazon account, go to “Manage your content and devices”, then “Country settings” and here set your country for it to match the zone you want to stream from.




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